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Oriental Night 7

Date: July 4, 2013

Location: Beirut Waterfront


"The Oriental Night 7" which took place on July 4 at Beirut Waterfront was a huge success! More than 10,000 Arabic music fans from all ages came to enjoy some of the best stars and music in Lebanon.

More than 20 lebanese artists were united in one night:

  • Joe Achkar
  • Nader El Atat
  • Rabih Baroud
  • Ziad Bourji
  • Eleonore
  • Hisham El Hajj
  • Sara El Hani
  • Eliane Mahfouz
  • Viviane Mrad
  • Nahwa
  • Naya
  • Anwar Nour
  • Naji El Osta
  • Nicolas El Osta
  • Saad Ramadan
  • George El Rassi
  • Nadine Saab
  • Sabine
  • Nicole Saba
  • Amer Zayan
  • Melhem Zein

The concert was produced by 2U2C in collaboration with Arabooking and Aghani Aghani.