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Eileen Khatchadourian

Event: Beirut Rock Festival 2009 and 2011

Date: 13th of November 2009 and 2nd of Sept 2011

Location: Forum de Beyrouth and Zouk Amphitheater


Eileen Khatchadourian is an Armenian singer that stuns people with a voice that is known to move feelings, one of the major reasons why Eileen became famous, requested and loved by her audience. She participated in the Beirut Rock Festival in 2011 at the Zouk Roman amphitheater along with the voice of System of a Down, Moonspell, Katatonia, Kimaera, Khatchadour Tankian, Weeping Willow and Hourglass.


You can check Eileen's Photos in Beirut Rock Festival 2009 and Beirut Rock Festival 2011