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NRJ Music Tour 2015

Date: August 1st, 2015

Location: Biel


August 1, 2015 a date to remember, where NRJ 99.1 FM and NRJ Hits TV gathered more than 14,000 people in the biggest event Beirut have witnessed this year the "NRJ Music Tour".
The "NRJ Music Tour" featured a line up of the best commercial artists for the year 2015, performing their best hits in an incredible setting. Not to forget NRJ'S continuous support for the young local lebanese talents.
NRJ rattled Beirut’s bones with the first ever installment of the enormous NRJ Music Tour 2015. Head and shoulders above any concert-event concept ever seen in Lebanon. Beirut Water Front’s parking was flooded with thousands of revelers, young and old, a whole hour before the doors were open.
Swarms of men, women and children ranging from ages 10 to 50 gathered in one place to revel in music. The Beirut New Waterfront was the meeting point of over 10 international artists and more than 14,000 individuals who came to enjoy the Tour. Host Diane O’Sullivan gave a brief synopsis about last year’s NRJ Music Tour then assured us we were in for a treat! The evening of pure entertainment commenced.
The audience began to warm up as the NRJ Music Tour 2015 was finally underway. Lineup selected from the biggest hits for Summer 2014 - 2015, headlining artist "RedFoo", "Mohombi", “Lost Frequencies” and “Faydee”  along with "Sam Martin" “EIIa Chi" "Kadebostany" "Anthony Touma" "Lea Makhoul" "Belime" and “B.O.X".