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Ragheb Alama

Event: Live Achrafieh 2011

Date: The 18th of June 2011

And at the Oriental Night 4 

and Mont la Salle 1987 


Ragheb Alama, one of the most influential Lebanese and Arab singers set the crowd on fire in multiple events that hit Beyrouth, performing hit singles like "Ya Rait", "'Aan Jad”, "Alby Asheq'ha”, “Saharony El Leil”, “Tab Leh”, “Yighib”, “El Hobb El Kbir” and “Sinin Rayha”. He performed at the Mont la Salle event in 1987, at the 3rd Oriental Night and at Live Ashrafieh 2011.


You can check Ragheb Alama's Photos at Live Achrafieh 2011