Our Signature Events

NRJ Music Tour

Beirut Rock Festival

Beirut Holidays

Oriental Night

Date: 12th of June 1999

Location: The Sports City, Camille Chamoun Stadium

Date: 13th of November 2011

Location: Forum de Beyrouth

Date: 12th of April 1997

Location: Forum de Beyrouth

Date: 30th of July 2009

Location: Forum de Beyrouth

In 1999, the concert was co-produced with Buzz Productions

Date: May 26, 1997

Location: Forum De Beirut

Date: 22nd of April 1999

Location: Beirut Hall

Date: July 8, 2012

Location: Fouad Chehab Stadium, Jounieh

Event produced by 2U2C, Star System and Jounieh municipality