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Melhem Zein

Event: Oriental Night 7

Date: July 4, 2013

Location: Beirut Waterfront

Event: Oriental Night 2011

Date: The 25th of July 2011

Location: Beirut Waterfront 


Melhem Zein, a Lebanese star figure that is known worldwide for his tender voice and hit songs took the concerts to the next level. Performing in the Oriental Night 5 and 7 next to artists like Joe Achkar, Nagi Osta, Rabih El Asmar, Hisham El Hajj, Zein El Omer, Dina Hayeck, Naji Osta, Ayman Zbib, Roula Saad, Amer Zayan, Brigitte Yaghi, Sara El hani and others, the 2 events were events to be remembered.


You can check Melhem Zein's Photos in Oriental Night 5 and Oriental Night 7