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NRJ Music Tour 2011

Date: July 23, 2011

Location: Beirut New Waterfront


Swarms of men, women and children ranging from ages 10 to 50 gathered in one place to revel in music. The Beirut New Waterfront was the meeting point of over 12 international artists and 24,000 individuals who came to enjoy the NRJ Music Tour 2011. Host Keith Thompson gave a brief synopsis about last year’s NRJ Music Tour then assured us we were in for a treat! The evening of pure entertainment commenced. The DJ for the night NRJ’s loved Mini-B started the night off with a couple tracks introducing two opening acts. Nancy, along with her four female back up dancers, took the stage. Soon after sexy Sofia Marikh followed brining along with her four male dancers. The audience began to warm up as the NRJ Music Tour 2011 was finally underway. Lineup selected from the biggest hits for Summer 2011, headlining artist "INNA" and "FLO RIDA", along with "BASHY" "EMII" "Eddy Wata" "Luciana" "Arash" "Chipmunk" "Iyaz" "Dony".